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R-One KAT-TUN #168

R-One KAT-TUN #168 20090616

6月16日のR-One KAT-TUNは・・・


song played: MOON

special week today! extended broadcast!

apologies for extreme lateness again today. MF was just not cooperating with me today :( 

please note that this recording is somewhat screwed, there're parts in the middle that are 'chopped' and stuffs like that. (you'll understand if you listen to it, anyway) but it's alot better than #162 i had some time ago so i guess you can still listen to it.. well anyway, i think it's better to wait for a transcript to know what was happening though.

i've tried my best to manually edit as many of the 'chopped' parts as possible, so that it'll be more pleasant to listen to. but there're just parts i can't seem to edit at all, so those were just left as it is..

i guess i've never had so many question marks on my head while listening to R-One KAT-TUN.. it seems that there were two segments of tat-chan's corner today, and K-Taro joins them for the second half of the show. Mail-One KAT-TUN ended before i knew it.. i guess there were parts i didn't manage to catch in my recording. totally have no idea what happened in this episode.. but i'll wait for the transcript..

well, download if you want to, just note that it's not a good recording.. :(


episode summary added! thanks to agemaki  (: 


Nakamaru says episode 168 will be longer just like the Tokyo Dome concert series.
The band is going to start a tour from the 22nd july and it's going to be during summer holidays. Ueda asks if this is not the first time KAT-TUN are having a tour during summer. Nakamaru states it's been a while and that this time maybe students may find it easier to come. They will start from Okinawa on the 22nd july, and right on that day a total eclipse of sun is expected. Ueda is very surprised. Nakamaru says it won't be visible from the main island in Okinawa. An eclipse hasn't been spotted in Japan for 46 years. Ueda keeps on being surprised and asks what exactly is a solar eclipse. He wants to know if it is when “it becomes all black”. Nakamaru explains it's when the moon stands between the Earth and the Sun. So the Sun can be seen from around the moon. Ueda answers he somehow understands [!] and that he would like to see it. Nakamaru explains that in the northern part of Amami [one of the islands of Ryukyu near Okinawa] the time of the eclipse is supposed to be 10.26 and 53 seconds p.m. Ueda restates he would like to see it, but that at that time they will be in Okinawa. They both agree it's disappointing. Nakamaru says next time will be on the 2nd september 2035. It won't happen again for 26 years, and they will have to wait until then. Nakamaru adds they'll be old men, and Ueda states they will be around 51 at the time. Nakamaru says next time the eclipse is supposed to be seen in the North of Kanto. Ueda says they should wait until the that time.

They play “Moon” since they mentioned the Moon, saying it was performed at the concerts too, even if not always.

Tatsuya Ueda no Moriagaru Hanashi

Rotation decided it's time for this corner, and this is the first time. Nakamaru says that Ueda is still in a low tension that day, and Ueda says yes, will have to up his tension. Nakamaru states that just because it’s the first time, a lot of effort [by the audience]have been spent, and Ueda says he cannot wait [to hear about it].

I've been in girls-only school from kindergarten to middle school. Because Ueda-kun has said he has no interest in girls-only school, I've found 3 benefits male teachers have in a girls school that should make some interest spring in you.
1) On the first lesson of a new male teacher girls usually scream 2) On Valentine's Day he will get at least one chocolate box for sure 3) He can check things about clothes like whether the skirt's length is within that of the rules

Nakamaru asks Ueda what he thinks about these facts on being a teacher in a girls-only school. Ueda answers he basically has no interest in girls-only school. Nakamaru wants to know if there is not anything that caught Ueda's attention among the three elements the listener found for him. Ueda starts by “If I had to dare and say something...” and Nakamaru guesses “Is it the third one?” Ueda admits it laughing and Nakamaru says something like “I understand, sure it's sexy [he uses the word “Ero”]” Ueda says that being able to measure skirts to girls is a dream for men and jokes that Nakamaru-kun often says he would like to measure skirts. Nakamaru states he had never said such a thing in his all life. They laugh and Nakamaru asks if a girls-only school would be no good for Ueda and he answers it would be okay, but there are few chances for him to become a teacher in such a school. Nakamaru comments it would be unrealistic and adds that it's difficult to tempt Ueda.

Nakamaru expects this mail will make Ueda-kun excited.
I think it's difficult to enter the best 4 teams in the Soccer World Cup but I'd like [Japan] worked hard to be at least in the top 8. Even though the match was in the middle of the night, but there were very high ratings for it. Isn't this an exciting subject?

Ueda says flatly he has no interest in soccer. Nakamaru asks if he watched the match with Uzbekistan the previous evening. Ueda didn't. Nakamaru says he got angry because apparently the chief umpire had the habit to judge a foul everytime someone fell but he didn't do that when this occurred to Japan. (Chief umpire did not agree when Japan said the other team committed a foul) Ueda wants to know if the chief umpire was from the other team's Country. Nakamaru says that maybe he was from another Country that was not involved in the match. Ueda wants to know if it was a away goal match [The team that has scored more goals "away from home" will win if scores are otherwise tied]. Nakamaru says Japan received some fierce attacks at the end and there was some very fearful situations to deal with, but the team kept on defending.
Finally Ueda says it's not interesting at all. Nakamaru wants to know why, he found it very exciting. Ueda: “Oh, is it so?”
Nakamaru finds the topic really exciting as Japan has already gotten an ‘entry ticket’ (meaning, being able to advance) to the World Cup in 2010, the first team in the world to do so. Ueda asks jokingly, no ‘away’? Nakamaru says that this has no connection to it and asks once more if Ueda has no interest at all in soccer. Ueda says he honestly don't. Nakamaru complain it's useless, he cannot find Ueda's weak spots [to excite him]. Ueda asks laughing if the mails were chosen by Nakamaru and Nakamaru says no, they were chosen by chance. He asks Ueda to watch some soccer next time, maybe interest will come if he does. Ueda complains it's long. Nakamaru states boxe and other competitions are long, Ueda says boxe is 12 rounds, 3 minutes per each, and it's thrilling. Nakamaru proposes to go to the next mail.

-Don't you think that Nakamaru-kun looks like Usopp? (Ueda: he looks like him a lot!!) Nose, shape of face, surprised expression, being scared, doing things when he has to etc. Ueda-kun looks like Chopper instead (Ueda: I don't!)blushing easily if praised, being kawaii, if angry looks like a oni, being simple, being easily influenced by other's mood, not being ordinary. Taguchi-kun looks like Kodakku. Ueda laughs. [Kodakku is a Pokemon: ] because he says random things, sometimes showing some talent and so on.

Ueda says laughing he has always thought Nakamaru looks like Usopp and he has told him many times. Nakamaru confirms. Sadly he is not an expert about One Piece. Ueda says he'd better read it, because Nakamaru looks like Usopp so much. Nakamaru says he knows Usopp, he's the one with the long nose, a irresponsible guy, and he's the one who shots firecracker. Ueda insists he really looks like him and that he should try to be in the live action movie if they'll make one. Nakamaru is completely against this. Ueda says he'd better do, Usopp is very popular. Nakamaru says that since he don't watch One Piece he cannot say. He wants to know about Ueda being Chopper. Ueda says lately Chopper is the strongest of the world, but that he's lost his consciousness and went berserk so he became a monster and now he punches everyone. He didn't have this bad temper before. But Nakamaru really looks like Usopp. He's not sure about Taguchi being Kodakku.

It seems they had fun with KAT-TUN wondering what characters they would be. Kame is Sanji, Koki is Luffy, and Akanishi is Zoro. Ueda was indeed Chopper and Nakamaru was Usop [of course]. Taguchi seems not to have a character, at that time the subject wasn't considered. Nakamaru asks if Ueda knows about Metal Gear and Ueda says no. Anyway Nakamaru would like to be the main character, Raiden. They laugh.

*for One Piece character references, click HERE.

row one: Luffy, Zoro
row two: Usopp, Nami
row three: Sanji, Chopper

*more on One Piece, character descriptions [credits to kittycat666!] -

Usopp is the scaredycat xD He really isn't strong and pretends to be a hero, but is always there for his friends, when needed ^^ And he is lying a lot, like telling big stories what he's done, which never happened in reality (don't think maru talks big xd) aaand of course the big nose xD
(Nakamaru little scaredycat xDDDDD poor maru <3)

Chooper is the cute little guy that can swap to another self which is really really incredibly strong. but he lacks a little in self confidence I guess xd
(Ueda = cute and strong <3)

Sanji is the guy that is after all the girls xDDD And he is like always goodlooking and cool xD
(well yeah, this somehow fits xd)

Zorro is the swordsman, always cool and serious
(I would consider him to serious for Bakanishi xDD)

Luffy is the leader, very thoughtful about his friends, like helping them out no matter what, talking about how he will become the king of pirates. He's the strongest of them all and likes to talk a lot and is really noisy xd
(somehow koki, ne xDD)

Mail-One KAT-TUN

It's time to go swimming in the pool, but I sink. Is the both of you good at swimming?
Ueda says he sinks. Nakamaru confirms by saying it's because of the muscles. Ueda says it's very uncomfortable, he once found easier to swim backstroke, but now he sinks, and he also hit his head and it hurt a lot. Nakamaru says for some reason he thinks Ueda is not telling the truth. [or at least I think so]. Ueda laughs and insists it hurt. Nakamaru says for some reason he expected it. Ueda describes a scene about moving his arms while swimming backstroke, and says that it will hurt a lot if he’s already at the edge of the pool and accidentally knocks his arm against the wall. Nakamaru asks Ueda what he has done this week, and he says he read the manga Rough [by Adachi Mitsuru], which he adores. Nakamaru comments Ueda really loves manga.


They say there are two weeks left for Kon!katsu and that the character of Ueda is going to get married. He doesn't know about the ending because the script in not done yet.


Tatsuya Ueda no Moriagaru Hanashi, extra round

The guest is K-taro san. ( ). Nakamaru says he has already met him at the concert of Kanjani 8. He was wearing a mask, but Nakamaru understood immediately it was him. K-taro complains he was allowed to go to KAT-TUN concert too but he wasn't noticed at all. Nakamaru consoles him telling he was spotted for sure. K-taro says he wanted to mix a bit with them.

He says that while recording a program Ueda's tension grew up a lot while speaking about when he entered as a male student a girl-only school full of girls. Ueda confirms. Nakamaru says Ueda is smirking. Ueda says the way the tension grows is different when you are surrounded by girls in the reality.
As K-taro speaks of his school life in university and mentions being hugged by girl students, to which Ueda comments communication is extremely important, since you meet there by chance. As K-taro asks about a Ueda's fantasies he answers he would like to do something uproarious during the preparation of the culture festival, like making something happening. He points out that it's not anything erotic though. They all laugh. K-taro asks if he means something you wouldn't show in class, Ueda confirms, and says it would be something like making a passage of folk dance or similar. K-taro is surprised and Nakamaru comments it's still an ero thing. Ueda is asked about how is it a moment when love can spring and he laughs, answering it's like when you are on a school trip and a girl comes out from the bath, that's the sensation. Nakamaru says it's like when you go skiing and feels the magic of the white world. Ueda says that's like this.

- Let's talk about Otsuka Hideo [voice actor, but he should be called Otsuka Akio actually...any clues of who he is?]'s voice.

Nakamaru says he will get excited about this too. K-Taro never heard about him. Nakamaru explains he performs the voice of Snake in Metal Gear.
Ueda says he plays Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. K-Taro speaks of his tastes in playing games.

In the end they haven't found any subject to make Ueda-kun excited. K-taro tries with Hirai Rio [Japanese announcer, ]and actually Ueda says he wants to talk about announcers, because he likes intellectual, adult girls. He likes them a lot. K-taro states that she married a mogul athlete lately. Ueda says laughing that this makes his tension going down, because he liked her. It was rabu rabu. They speak a bit about the couple.

- Secret question

Ueda says he definitely would like this thing to be done to him. Nakamaru says he would like to be the receiver of the action too. Ueda says it's comfortable and feels good like this. Nakamaru wants to know if Ueda would like to be the one doing it. Ueda ponders. Nakamaru wants to know where doing this thing might be funny. Ueda wonders if it is “doing it immediately”. K-taro says it's a delicate part and Nakamaru adds he never allow it to be touched [by others]. Ueda states that some people have problems with this and Nakamaru explains it's because of the “inserting it until the end” [this is one of the possible translations...!] / depth. Ueda says it's because you normally take it out that he's no good at this. K-Taro says this is his weak spot and cannot be touched.


personal notes: ERO ERO! xD i love it when they talk ero, really. HAHA. tat-chan really does seem to be humouring maru at the soccer part.. i have no idea why they look like usopp and chopper really, but i thought chopper was cute. ahaha. (i've never seen one piece in my life, to be honest) were they trying to imply that taguchi was dumb by saying that he looks like kodakku? o.O [BUT I LOVE KODAKKU! it's so cuteee =D] and tat-chan likes intellectual, adult like girls?! eh.. wow. xD  secret question was ero ero, as usual =D

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  • KAT-TUNのがつーん 20131014

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