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28 April 2010 @ 06:51 am
ズームイン!!SUPER 20100428 急上昇 - 佐藤麻衣  
ズームイン!!SUPER 20100428 急上昇 - 佐藤麻衣

anyone who watches taiwan entertainment should know her.. didn't expect her to be featured on japan news, so i recorded it.. and i so didn't know she's like, 30 already =x she looks exactly the same as when she just went to taiwan in 2000..

abit of background information;
Sato Mai is part of a girls group 'Sunday Girls' which was formed from a competition on a taiwan variety show 'Super Sunday' in 2000. Other members of the group include Gnosnima Chika, Takagaki Tomoko and Senda Aisa (still active in taiwan). Another member in the competition, Ando Yuko is now a singer in Japan.

oh, i didn't know they came to singapore before lol.

Sato Mai's Japanese blog
Sato Mai's Taiwan blog - post related to Sunday Girls

PS. i take no responsibility for the info above. =x