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R-One KAT-TUN #162

no R-One KAT-TUN recording today :(

damn connection screwed when i was about to start recording. and then i managed to record part of the show but my recording screwed too! DAMN. effing computer.

sighhs :(

unless you really, really don't mind a screwed up version, here's my recording for the night.

but before you go on, please take note of the following:

. my connection screwed, so i reckon i missed out a chunk at the beginning

. my computer seems to like the fact that they're calling other people and not me, because my recording ended up having repeated segments here and there. i've tried to cut and delete the repeated segments, but because i don't understand japanese, i don't know if i've done it alright. so if the conversation somehow does not make sense at some point, it probably means the cut was not right

. good luck listening and i hope the show does make sense to you

here you go~


Tags: kat-tun, radio

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