estherzax (estherzax) wrote,

Happy Birthday, Yama-chan!


happy 16th, yama-chan ^^

seriously, i'm not a big fan of HSJ, because kids younger than me never bring any interest to me. but this guy happens to be the first one i ever got to know from HSJ, and since i happened to know that it's his birthday today, i decided to do something for him.

(yes, i really 'happened to know', because i was just looking at the updates from various comms on the kamichan toolbar and i 'happened to' see posts on the HSJ comm, so yeahh)

(and this totally proves how bored i am, DESPITE the fact that i have a number of things on my hand that are undone, i did this. and now i'm totally off schedule on the things i was supposed to do. shucks)

and damn, this graphic is a TOTAL FAIL. prior to doing this i started searching around for the HSJ scans i thought looked pretty nice.. then, i tried fiddling around with the totally limited number of HSJ pics i have and i couldn't get anything out of it, so i settled for this in the end. the one i did earlier on was really, crap.

i'll replace this if i ever get around to doing a better one when i wake up tomorrow later.

so, yes. i'm supposed to be sleeping now, anyway.


Tags: birthday, other johnnys

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