estherzax (estherzax) wrote,

jin hates tegoshi?

Jin hates Tegoshi?

check THIS out~

lol, immensely amused. and the number of comments in that post are jumping really fast.

someone said, 'jin will never say 'usero', he'll say fuck off in english'


looks like there IS alot of supposed drama between kt and news. (ryo X ueda, jin X tego etc..)

lol.. why will we even believe such things, anyway.

but i still love you, jin <3

and even if it's true, everyone's perfectly entitled to hate anyone else, isn't it? =x

ohh well. immense amusement before sleep can be beneficial for health, so.

off to sleep! oyasumi~

*k-chan news to be posted up later~~

Tags: kat-tun, news, rumours

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