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15 April 2011 @ 01:30 am
Donation guides for Japan earthquake
. JustGiving Japan
. 日本テレビ 24時間テレビインターネット募金
. Google
. Other overseas organizations

Guides below are for people overseas, by credit card.

I personally prefer to donate directly to Japanese organizations in local YEN since I feel that the money will reach there faster and also save on currency conversion fees (if any), but it's just my view so it's up to you to decide!


JustGiving Japan -> CIVIC FORCE

There is now also a English donation guide with pictures provided by the JustGiving website here. Feel free to refer back to this guide or leave a message if you need more help.

Scroll down the page and read all the necessary details.

Click the red button that says このチャレンジに寄付する. You will be taken to a page to input your details.

決済方法 Payment method (Credit card/Internet banking/Jibun Bank)
支援先団体 Supported organization
金額の入力 Amount to donate (in YEN; Select from list or check 直接金額を入力する to input desired amount)
寄付金額 Amount as selected from above
寄付コメント Your comment *Optional
メール受信設定 Mail setting (Whether you wish to receive mail related to the challenge) (受信する = Yes, 受信しない = No)

ログイン又は新規会員登録 (まだ会員登録をしていない = Not a member yet)
ニックネーム Nickname
名前 Name (Will not be disclosed) *Optional
メールアドレス Email address
パスワード Password
性別 Gender *Optional
住所 Address (Will not be disclosed) (If you're from overseas, select 海外) *Optional
誕生日 Birthdate (YY/MM/DD)
お知らせメールの受信許可 Whether you wish to receive notification mail (受信する = Yes, 受信しない = No)

Read all the T&Cs, etc. Click on 規約に同意して次へ. (If you agree to them, that is. I am unable to do translations for them at the moment, it's just the usual T&C stuffs, but I cannot take responsibility if you check without understanding the contents.)

You will then reach a page confirming all details you had input previously. Check everything is correct, go to the end of the page and click the button that says 手数料の取扱・寄付金額を確定して次へ.

Next will be a page to input your payment details.

ご請求金額 Amount to donate
カード名義人 Cardholder's name
カード番号 Your card number
有効期限 Card expiry (Eg. July 2013; input 07/13)
このカードを登録しますか? (Whether you want to register that credit card to the account on JustGivingJapan, I assume. Not sure.)

Click on 確認する.

You should then be taken to a page that says procedure ended, or something I think. If you indicated for a notification mail earlier on, you should receive a notification mail about the donation.

2) 日本テレビ 24時間テレビインターネット募金 -> ?

Click the big green button in the middle of the page that says "募金はこちらから". Your mail client should open up, just click on send when it does, without adding anything else. If your mail client does not open up/you're not using a mail client/you're using a free email service, send a blank mail to the email address stated below the green button.

After following the above instructions, you should receive an email titled 「24時間テレビ東日本大地震募金」. There are two links in the email, the first for PC and the second for mobile phones. (Japanese mobile phones I assume, not sure about others.)

Click on the first link, and you'll be brought to a page which requires you to input your details.

Check the 同意する box for the T&Cs, and input your details. (If you agree to them, that is. Basically it's just information telling you about the usage of your personal details, etc. I am unable to do translations for them at the moment, it's just the usual T&C stuffs, but I cannot take responsibility if you check without understanding the contents.)

居住地 Place of residence (If you're from overseas, select その他)
生年月日 Your birthdate (YY/MM/DD)
性別 Your gender M/F


カード番号 Your card number
有効期限 Card expiry (Eg. July 2013; input 07/13)
カード名義人 Cardholder's name (Please input in alphabets and omit all spaces)
募金口数 Amount to donate ( _口 × 500円; amounts come in blocks of 500YEN each, just select the number x 500YEN you will like to donate. Eg. 3 x 500YEN = 1500YEN. The total amount will be shown in the box on the right. The maximum amount you can donate is 10000YEN / 20 x 500YEN.)

Click on the green button that says 確認画面へ.

Next you will be taken to a page that shows your donation amount, with a green button that says 募金する. Click on that button, and you'll be taken to a page with your order number. You will also be sent an email confirming your donation.

3) Google (IN ENGLISH. 100YEN to 25000YEN; By Google Checkout) -> Red Cross Japan

Other organizations (Donate in USD, etc)

1) Amazon (Donate in USD, any amount)

2) Paypal (Donate in USD, $25)

3) American Red Cross (Donate in USD, min amount $10)

4) GlobalGiving (Donate in USD, any amount)

*會中文的朋友可以看一下這裡, KKBOX整理出了捐款管道的一個list. 感謝KKBOX! 若需要中文翻譯請留言, 我會儘量幫忙!

According to the JustGivingJapan website, all transaction fees are being absorbed by Charity Platform and JustGiving due to the emergency situation, so all donations will go directly to the earthquake victims.

As for Nihon Terebi and Google I'm not sure as of now, will check it out later.

Have also yet to read the money flow for the donations. May update later >.<

1 and 2 are the organizations I've donated to as of now, if anyone needs translation guides for any other organization's donation site just drop me a message and I'll try to help. Still in the process of checking out more organizations which support overseas donations as well. Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions.

Beware of fraud charity organizations!

Please do donate if you can!


For those concerned about the latest updates regarding the earthquake, you can watch Japanese news LIVE at the following URLs.
NHK General

Please spread the message, link back or RT if needed! Thank you!

Camilla: 太輔 | サムライsweetmilano90 on March 14th, 2011 03:02 pm (UTC)
Thanks for putting together this list~. I just made a donation to the first page, but to the second link which I see you have now removed. As I understood it the money still goes to the same thing, right? The CIVIC FORCE.
estherzaxestherzax on March 15th, 2011 01:06 pm (UTC)
Yes, donations to both links will go to JustGiving Japan which in turn goes to CIVIC FORCE. I only took off the link because it seems that we can donate to both and I didn't want to confuse people by providing an additional link.

Thanks for donating!