estherzax (estherzax) wrote,

R-One KAT-TUN #163

i think i miss tat-chan's voice too much~

his voice just sounds extremely sweet today~

today's show is a little short though.

R-One KAT-TUN #163 20090512

song played : SADISTIC LOVE


*just fyi, i won't be posting on kattunlove every week anymore, after uploading the recording. (unless there's anything important, or if i have something else to post too) so if you're looking for R-One KAT-TUN recordings, please check back at my lj every week about an hour or so after the show, it should be up. unless i have some problems with recording or something, i'll inform with a post too. cheers!

*R-One KAT-TUN's broadcasted every Tuesday, 24:00 [GMT +9:00] on JOQR.

'I feel that the 8 days continuous live is beyond imagination, has never experienced that.'

-Jin, Wink Up 0609

counting down; 3 more days.


Tags: kat-tun, radio

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