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KAT-TUNのがつーん 20131014

Hello all,
It's been a long time since I've last posted, but I haven't forgotten KAT-TUN at all. I've still been following them in my own way.

But anyway, following the recent events..

I'm sure there're many of you as affected as I am about Koki's sudden departure from KAT-TUN.

Nevertheless, I'll still remain a fan of KAT-TUN, as well as Jin and Koki as individuals, because a 6 member KAT-TUN is what brought me to like them in the first place.

Hope everyone continues to support the boys as they are in future!

Just sharing a segment of today's radio program KAT-TUNのがつーん, in which Junno and Nakamaru share their thoughts on Koki's departure from KAT-TUN.

By the way, I'm aware that my Mediafire account has been suspended so all of my old posted downloads will be unavailable. I MAY work on reuploading them some time in future.. Most likely all the radio I have. I don't have a definite plan yet so idk if it will actually happen, and I'm also not sure if I still have all the files with me, but I'll post again if I ever do. Thanks for reading all these while!
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