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Hi all (if anyone is still reading)

I'm back after a long (unannounced) hiatus!

I've been lurking for the past one week or so and I realised many of the people who used to be on LJ are not active anymore, and the comms are not active too.

However I've been considering the idea of returning to fandom lately, and I was just wondering if there will be anyone still interested in the content?!

For a start I'm considering the following:

- Jweb translations (I know there is a English version of the official Jweb now but for the benefit of those who do not subscribe to Jweb?)
- uploading of Shokura Premium (which may take some time as I do not have the best equipment right now. I've managed to get hold of a number of shokura premium files, though sadly not all. I'm aware that there are some groups like KAL that has been providing the raws after each broadcast but just an idea?!)

While I was away I also received a number of requests for re-ups. At the moment I'm not considering re-uploading things because my files are scattered all over the place. But I may get to that in future, i don't know but don't get your hopes up =x

Anyway, let me know if there is any demand for the above and also if there are any other requests you guys will like me to do.

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