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CPop sales!


I've got some old C-Pop stuffs to sell, please take a look! ^^

Important notices:

*Please read all sidenotes of item carefully before placing order. (eg. condition of item) Seller will not be responsible if item does not turn out to your liking if it's already stated clearly.

*Will ship internationally, all handling/shipping fees to be paid by buyer

*Seller will not be held responsible for any damaged/lost mail once item has been sent out

*Meetups will be to seller's convenience.

*Items sold are non exchangeable and non refundable.

*Actual item may differ from photo due to lighting effects.

*ALL autographs are GENUINE

*please note that poster (if any) will NOT be included should you opt for mail, because it's difficult to send the poster out via mail and there's a risk it'll be damaged. poster will only be included for local meet ups.

*prices can be negotiated

Payment methods

. cash during meet up
. concealed cash in SGD (at your own risk)
. POSB transfer
. paypal (buyer to bear admin fees)

to order, please leave a comment in the following format, or send an email with the following details to


*comments will be screened for privacy.

i'll get back to you shortly after. thank you! ^^

for any doubts or queries, feel free to drop me an email or leave a comment. thank you!

please click on the images for an enlarged version.

. Ashin - Escape to Japan [SGD$20]



*BRAND NEW* unopened (except for a little opening in the plastic at the bottom, opened for the book store staff to take out the bar code tag when i bought it)

*does not come with stayreal lanyard

*seller is not responsible for any possible defects that may be in the product, as the item is unopened

. Fahrenheit First Album, AUTOGRAPHED [SGD$15]

*lyrics book has some creases here and there (which is expected because it's paper)

*only opened once or twice to look at contents inside, otherwise in considerably good condition

. Rolling Love photobook [SGD$16]

*in very good condition, only flipped a few times (almost brand new condition)

. Hana Kimi 2007 calender [SGD$4]

*in good condition

. Cyndi Wang photo booklet [SGD$4]

*a few creases here and there, but otherwise in considerably good condition

. Tank album - Keep Fighting, AUTOGRAPHED [SGD$15]

*good condition, only opened a couple of times

. JJ Lin, Jin Sha, Rynn Lin - Legend of the Sea single, AUTOGRAPHED [SGD$5]

*in good condition

*autograph is a little faded due to marker used, but definitely genuine

. Energy concert 2003 notebook from CD-Rama [SGD$3]

*in good condition

. Jstars Love Miracle 1, AUTOGRAPHED BY TORO *comes with poster* [SGD$8]

. Jstars Love Miracle 2 [SGD$5]

-get both for SGD$10-

*in considerably good condition

. 2moro First Album [SGD$6]

*BRAND NEW* unopened

*seller is not responsible for any possible defects that may be in the product, as the item is unopened

. Eason Chan album *56 tracks* [SGD$10]

*in good condition, only opened once or twice

. Jolin Tsai album [SGD$8]

*in good condition, only opened once or twice

. Love Train VCD [SGD$8]

*only opened once or twice

more stuffs to be posted once i sort through my cupboard stuffs~ please check back soon ^^

thank you for reading!


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