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R-One KAT-TUN #165

peercast is STILL not working, but i found another way around that. so yayy. ^^

managed to get the recording!

5月26日のR-One KAT-TUNは・・・


R-One KAT-TUN #165

song played: Water Dance

highlights of the episode:
- lots of commotion + laughter
- taguchi's 'guest appearance'

as usual, i have no idea what happens in the episode (at least not until a chinese transcript appears somewhere), so i'm going to rely on any nice soul that will be translating this soon.

*today's recording is somewhat soft and a little echo-ish, because i used a different recording method. but still listenable though. ^^


thanks to the wonderful agemaki, we get a summary for the episode again! <3 yayyyy ^^  thank you so much again! (:


The programme was recorded right after the one aired last week, that is to say on sunday the 17th, 20 minutes after recording episode 164.
Yuichi says that is a recording day. He also reminds that after Tokyo Dome 8 Days they are going to Kyousera dome in Osaka. Ueda says they all need only to hold on and try their best and Nakamaru agrees.

Nakamaru asks what song should they air this week. As Ueda says “Water dance”, Nakamaru says “Kyakka” (“I'm against it!”). Ueda claims he knew Yuichi would have said that and they both laugh. In the end they decide to put it on. Nakamaru explains that during the concert there is plenty of water when they dance this so the rehearsal was pretty hard, because you need to stick to the right timing. Ueda agrees and states that if you are clumsy in doing it you end up soaked. Which is what happened to him once. He then says it was like taking a shower.

Nakamaru talks about a time when Ueda thought it was his fault but infact the miss came from the staff.

Ueda confirms and says that his solo involves water use too, but it should be in a different part of the stage (at least, this is what I understand...). Only, water springs as if coming towards him, and so he thought he was standing in the wrong place, so after the rehearsal he went to the staff to apologize for the wrong timing, and Nakamaru laughed at him.

[Water Dance is played]

Kat-tun no Bimyona Uwaza
Since they are in the dressing room, might it be that the subject of questions himself comes to answer?

1) The reason why concert MC are so long is Kamenashi-kun.
Ueda laughs and says that Kame will be mad at this. Nakamaru laughs and wonders if they should ask Kame all the same. They will need some courage. Ueda states that Kame was not in the mood of talking during rehearsal. Nakamaru proposes to let the question go. Ueda agrees and says it's not Kame's fault, poor thing. It's none's fault. Nakamaru agrees and adds Kame got that time (the MC time) by chance. Ueda adds that when the 6 of them can't syncronize (I think in speaking) it becomes long.

2) Taguchi kun knows by himself talks too much. (or at least, I think it's something like that. Any other ideas for スベってなんぼ – subettenanbo-?)
Nakamaru says Taguchi have this characteristic included and Ueda adds this is one of the funny things of Taguchi. They call Taguchi and ask him to identify himself. Junno says “I'm the refreshing idol from Kat-Tun Taguchi Junnosuke”. Ueda laughs and says this confirms the rumor. Nakamaru explains to Junno the Bimyouna Uwaza corner and tells him the question. Junno is surprised. Ueda says this is one of the funny things of Junno. Junno admits you couldn' t say it's that funny.
Ueda laughs and calls him “Pessimistic”. Junno laughs. Nakamaru suggest that while on radio you should do improvisation about funny episodes and puns. Junno thinks a bit and comes out with the memorable pun “R-ONE KAT-TUN wa omoshiroi hanashi ga aru wa...n!” (Something like “You talk about interesting things in R-One Kat-tun!”, but he uses particles to create a pun with the “aru wa n!” part, literally “There are...!”, and the sound of “R-One”. Applause to you, tried hard! :P ) Nakamaru comments after a silence it wasn't fun at all and they all laugh. In the end Taguchi says he's going away because he's not funny. Ueda states that the rumor was indeed true and Taguchi leaves thanking, while Nakamaru says it's a good thing he knows by himself he's not funny. Ueda says Junno's radio show probably feels the same and Nakamaru concludes that it must be difficult for Koki.

3) Koki dyed his hair pink in a second.
Nakamaru wants to ask Koki but Ueda says he's having a massage and cannot come. Anyway the rumor is true. It happened the day before che concerts. Ueda says he stayed a whole day with pink hair, but everyone told him he sucked so he went home. Nakamaru says the next day he had his had his hair blond, but soon he'll have to dye them black again for the dorama. Ueda says that since his hair are short it's a fast thing to do. Nakamaru says you'll damage seriously the hair like this. Anyway the rumor was true. Nakamaru says it was a red potato-like shade of pink. Ueda confirms and claims he looked like the basketball player Rodman. Now he's blond, but after Dome's concerts he'll go back to Kyoto for the dorama and he'll be black-haired again. For the tour he might be blond once more, though.
Nakamaru states he's very busy, Ueda agrees.

4) Ueda-kun received clothes from Nakai.
Ueda confirms. They spoke about it even in the first day at the dome. Nakamaru wants to know what kind of clothes. Ueda says it's difficult to explain. They are winter clothes and there are jackets and jeans. The size fits, even if Ueda says they are a bit thight. But it's okay, he was very very happy. He got very excited and he was like “Really?! (Can I have them?)”. He felt spoiled. Nakamaru says it's great, Ueda asks if it wasn't the same with Yuichi and Koichi (Domoto, which starred with Nakamaru in Sushi Oji), Nakamaru says he was only a step far from it. Ueda laughs and asks if he had the impression he would have received clothes if he got a step closer. Nakamaru confirms but he says last year he sent a mail to invite Koichi to the concert and he kindly went to see the concert the next day. Ueda says Nakai proposed the whole Konkatsu! team to go to Kat-Tun concert when heard Ueda was performing. Sato Ryuta, Ueto Aya (he calls her CHAN!!) and Shaku Yumiko all agreed to go but now they are busy with their next doramas and cannot go. If they could they would, that's what Ueda thinks. Nakamaru says Matchy-san went to visit them before the programme . Ueda didn't know that. Nakamaru accuses him of lying but Ueda says he's not lying. And Nakai-kun seems to think this Matchy-san is cool. Nakamaru says they are blessed by very good senpai.

Mail one Kat-Tun
1) Do you receive mails from someone before the concert?
Ueda says yes, from friends, those coming to the concert in particular, telling him “ganbatte”. And they write after the concert too. This makes both Nakamaru and Ueda happy. Nakamaru says that on the first day his mother wrote she would come but he didn't receive any message at the end of the concert. Ueda asks if there is a reason. Nakamaru answers he doesn't know why, but in the end she didn't write any impression mail. Ueda soothes him telling it's like this with families, while friends answer right away saying “It was good”. Nakamaru adds the day before Masuda was there and it was good. Even his hair were, since he looks more cheerful now. Ueda asks if that is called two-tones (guess it's because Massu has blonde highlights now). Nakamaru says yes and states that the strands are more white than golden. He says the upper parts make him look like a kappa (a frog-like goblin). He thinks Massu is showing off. They both laugh.

2) What do you do while other members are performing their solo?
Ueda is always touching his piano. Nakamaru tries next performance pose. That's what they all do.

3) Do you get involved with Juniors in the backstage? Do Kat-Tun break into their dressing room?
Nakamaru and Ueda both don't. Ueda states Koki often goes to Kis-my-ft2's room and he heard he does mischievous things in there. Nakamaru confirms and says Koki was messing around in Juniors' dressing room before the programme started. Ueda says once he brought his gloves (I think those for boxing) to have some fun and Koki stole them saying “Lend them to me a little.”. He then went in Kis-my-ft2's dressing room. They laugh and Nakamaru says someone got punched. Nakamaru says he met Koki's little brother a little before. Ueda says laughing that the kid is small but he's full of himself (or at least this what I understand here...), and that he says “Konnichiwa” instead of “Ohayo gozaimasu”. Nakamaru says he was told by a Junior “Please shake my hand!” once (like, not showing the right respect for a senpai). He felt like telling him “Hey you! Ganbare!”. They laugh. Ueda comments there are a lot of boys like this in the Dome.

4) What kind of food come out before a concert?
Ueda says it depends on the place. In Tokyo Dome there are like 3 or 4 kinds of food coming out before the concert, but there is plenty of them. These are katsukare, meat sauce pasta, chicken with something, cream stew. Ueda gets the impression it's like “Eat a lot and work!”. Nakamaru adds that when they move to different places often typical foods appear in the catering, like rice, natto and eggs.
But Ueda states lately he's having katsukare for breakfast. Nakamaru cannot believe it. Ueda says he buys it himself and eat it. They say catering is always good but it changes in each place.

Secret question

Nakamaru says he uses it. As he asks:“Is there anyone who doesn't?”, Ueda says sometimes he doesn't. Nakamaru cannot believe it.
Nakamaru: He?? Why???
Ueda: It's troublesome
Nakamaru: What? Really? It's dangerous! (laughs)
Ueda: (laughs)
Nakamaru: It's really dangerous!
Ueda: It's dangerous, isn't it? It's really dangerous...
Nakamaru: It's unbelievable you don't use it! I use it 100%. What's your percentage? How many times you use it out of ten? You!
Ueda: I don't use it 3 times out of 10
They laugh about it but Nakamaru keeps on saying it's dangerous and asks Ueda to use it from now on as a favor, because it's terrible for the band too. Ueda says he will answer “Because Nakamaru told me to use it” if asked why he's using it.

translated from original japanese transcript at


personal notes: *dies at taguchi's puns like always* and poor kame for getting 'blamed', even though long MCs are always <3! koki with pink hair!! omgg, i wanna see it xD and koki barging into kisumai's dressing room.. poor guys in there xD and ahem, they always make me think 'elsewhere' with their answers to the secret questions...

comments are still <3

somewhat special episode again. i'm so eating my words. OKAY, the last time i'll cross-post this. (i hope so...)


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