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teppei ^^

Koike Teppei & Ikeda Tetsuhiro on Zoom In SUPER 20091109

4S | MU

adorable as always :D

just happened to catch this on the morning news.. ^^

this is from the yomiuri tv ver of zoom in if i'm not wrong.. not sure if it has been shown before or something? it isn't listed on teppei's website, and apparently i didn't see it on the usual NTV zoom in show (both do broadcast the same stuffs, i think), or maybe i just wasn't paying attention =x

anyway, seeing ikeda tetsuhiro just totally reminds me of ctkt.. xD

ohhh and YES, i thought i could upload w-inds' concert news from zoom in as well, until tvants died on me and the file i was recording disappeared o.O ohh well.. (they spoke cantonese there! way cool~)

Tags: teppei, video

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