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K-chan News 20090601

from what i heard, massu and kei-chan were talking abit on maru today, something about Cartoon KAT-TUN and maru's bungee jump. (even though i don't understand any bit of it, but i remember hearing the words 'Cartoon KAT-TUN', 'Nakamaru' and 'bungee' at least..)

Today's guest: Masuda Takahisa


been some time since i posted any recordings of K-chan News, because somehow the recording just doesn't seem to like me very much every monday. good recording today though..

just doing a little midnight advertisement, if anyone doesn't know yet ^^

Tegomasu will be releasing their forth single Tanabata Matsuri on July 8th, and also their first album Tegomasu no Uta on the July 15th. both album and single are already available for order on CDJapan, but from what i see, the LE for the album is already out of print. the initial pressing is still available though, so grab your copies fast ^^


Tegomasu no Uta  [LE] [RE]
Tanabata Matsuri  [LE] [RE]

hmm.. i wonder when CDJapan will be putting up preorders for KAT-TUN's photobook.. tegomasu's releases just gave my wallet a big hole.. :(

and my beloved yuya will be in Dream Boys this year with kazuya too (:



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