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R-One KAT-TUN #166

R-One KAT-TUN #166 20090602

6月2日のR-One KAT-TUNは・・・


song played: Ho!サマー (Tackey&Tsubasa)

thanks to agemaki  for the song name!

(sorry, my live streaming was choppy so i didn't get the name of the song, and i don't really have the time to review the episode again now. will update again when i've got the name of the song!)


can someone please update me about what's tat-chan's new corner all about..? =x  ありがとうね~

thanks to agemaki  again, we now have a summary for the show (:


Ueda announces they got to the 166th episode. They say once more last two weeks they had the programme aired from Tokyo Dome's dressing room. Ueda says it was refreshing and Nakamaru states it's good to do this kind of things from time to time. They talk a bit about the previous locations where the programme was recorded, it seems Ueda loved the landscape of one of those and that he would like to record outside (“Under the sky”, they say). He would also love to have a public recording.

Nakamaru says they finished without accidents the Tokyo Dome 8 Days. Ueda confirms and says “Finally”. Nakamaru adds that with this he's finally free from bungee. From now on the real live shows are going to start. Ueda agrees and says they have still long way to go now.

(At this point Nakamaru says something about like “The song is still on, because we are still on concert”, probably referring to the fact “She said” is still on even if they are speaking. Ueda asks “Aren't you a bit weird today?” and they laugh.)

Nakamaru says he passed Tsubasa-kun on as he entered the radio station. Ueda [smartly indeed =_=] asks if it was Imai Tsubasa-kun and Nakamaru confirms. Tsubasa had just recorded his own programme and he said he aired “Rescue” during it. Ueda cannot believe it and Nakamaru says it's a happy thing. Ueda proposes to play “Bokura no machi de” [I'm not sure why. Is it somehow related to Tsubasa?], Nakamaru goes like “What???” and they both laugh. Ueda asks Nakamaru if he feel like he has to return the favor to Tsubasa. Nakamaru asks what songs Ueda thinks about if being told “Takkitsuba” and Ueda states that since they did a lot of back dancing for that, the song is definitely “Yume monogatari”. In the end Nakamaru says they are playing “Ho! Summer” since summer is near.

Ueda Nakamaru soudan shitari saretari

Soon it's going to be Father's Day. I would like to give him something. What should I buy? I'm a middle school student and I cannot buy anything expensive...

Ueda says that if you don't have money it's the feelings that matter. Nakamaru agrees. Ueda proposes massages, or preparing something to eat. This should be enough and her father should be very happy. Nakamaru agrees once more. Ueda adds that since these things are coming from his daughter, this father will be happy for sure. He suggests to say “I want to marry daddy” too. Nakamaru points out that by doing this father will be happy twice and suggests to give him a “Ticket for massages”. Ueda disagrees, saying it's better to give the massage (and that's all). Nakamaru insists it's better to give him a ticket, because in the end something of the present will remain. Ueda argues it's better only saying “Because today is Father's Day I'll give you a massage” or “I'll cook for you”. If you give a ticket it will not be clear how many times you are supposed to give massages that [or at least that's what I think he was saying]. Nakamaru keeps saying it's better the ticket because it gives a child-like image. This time Ueda agrees there is this kawaiiness to consider too. Nakamaru suggests a “Shoulder-tapping Ticket” [katatataki ken in japanese]. They both agree that it's difficult to spell it and laugh.

I was told by the guy I liked “Let's part because I'm tired of you never telling me where you want to go”. This way of parting is awful. I cannot forget it.

They both state that she should forget it, there's nothing left to do at this point. Nakamaru argues that “Let's part because you are never telling me where you want to go” is not a reason, so there are surely other reasons. Ueda agrees. Nakamaru adds that was probably the last trigger. Ueda argues that if this really was the real reason it would be really hateful. He would feel like answering, “Well, from now on I'll tell you (where I want to go)”. Nakamaru adds something like “Then I'll tell you! Then I'll tell you!”. They laugh. Nakamaru says that she should not care about it. Obviously from the point of view of the boy, “Where do you want to go?” is something you ask when you are concerned, because you would want to have the girl to have fun, so if the girl answers “I don't know”, this will put the guy in trouble. Anyway this is not enough to make this behaviour understandable. Ueda comments he would be happy if told (where a girl wants to go). But they agree this time the result was the worst. Ueda says she should just feel like “Don't mind” and Nakamaru adds she should forget.

This spring I had science as optional class. In a 43 people class 34 are guys, and 9 are girls. I'm not very good with boys and this is a problem to me. I cannot overcome this and the feeling of the class is not good either so she cannot make friends.

Ueda jokes if he was in the same situation he would be very happy [wasn't it obvious? =_=] If he had a 34 girls and 9 boys class he would never be late.
Nakamaru: I don't understand...
Ueda: What?
Nakamaru: Maybe it's different...This reality of facts and what you imagine...
Ueda: No no! You don't say stupid things!
Nakamaru says it's a common story, because in this situations you kind of feel you don't belong. Ueda complains that in the end there are 9 girls after all. Nakamaru scolds him telling the girl is not happy as Ueda-kun is and she's not very good (with boys) so she is wondering how to overcome this situation. She's not like Ueda-kun.
Ueda observes that there is no other way than making friends. Just because it's school, working together will surely give her the chance to. If you manage to talk in a natural way then you should be able to make friends. Nakamaru says “Ganbare!” as advice summarizing his thoughts. They both laugh at this.

The last question is about what questions they would like to make to listeners.

They agree it would be good if they were about live shows. Ueda says he would like to know impressions about his solo. Nakamaru is worried to ask about the whole show. Ueda offers to cut all the bad parts and give Nakamaru only the nice ones. Nakamaru says they will be happy to receive everyone's opinion about the whole show.

Nakamaru presents the new corner “Tatsuya Ueda no moriagaru hanashi” (which is something like “Talks that make excited Tatsuya Ueda”. Nakamaru argues that the radio shows has ups and downs in tension. Ueda says he's sorry. Nakamaru adds it would be better if tension was high for the sake of people listening and Ueda agrees it would be desirable. Nakamaru explains the title refers to things Ueda-kun is really into [or at least I hope]. For instance, lately talks about Dragonball make suddenly Ueda's tension get high. This happened for a mail coming from someone having Ginyu Force as pen name [Ginyu Force are Dragonball characters, btw].

Nakamaru proposes to make a presentation of things Ueda-kun is really into, to narrow the possibilities. Ueda declares “things about youthness” and things like the relationship between girls and boys are okay, and adds school stuff would be good too. Nakamaru invites students to send them episodes about relationship between boys and girls in school. Ueda adds university students and working people could relate about their conbined parties. He thinks these talks are very interesting and Nakamaru states tension has already gone higher. He suggests working people talk about love in working places and Ueda agrees office love is great. Nakamaru reminds anime for subject, even if he doesn't know anything about One Piece, and Ueda states he was about to say that. Dragonball is already a sure subject. Nakamaru points out that a RPG software about Dragonball is sold lately for DS and Ueda exclaims “I bought it!”. Nakamaru bought it too. Ueda says he's been playing it for about an hour in the bathtub. Nakamaru complains he has already told him many times playing games is not something to do in the bathtub because it's dangerous. Ueda wants to know what will happen if the game falls in the water. Nakamaru names electric shock, or the DS breaking. Ueda remarks he broke it 2 or 3 times and he bought it again. As Nakamaru insists it's not something you are supposed to do in the bathtub, he protests there is nothing to do while in it. Nakamaru then comes out with “Ofuro is ofuro! There ARE things to do in it! [!!!], like bathing.”. They laugh. They speak about the game and Ueda complains Yamcha is too weak and he cannot use him. Nakamaru was surprised while reading instructions by the fact each character have special moves and speaks about Yamcha's one “Muda no nai ugoki” [something like “No useless moves”], which is not a special skill indeed. He also says Dragonball is great because it finished a lot of time ago but it was a very good done story. Ueda adds it's kind of immortal.

They invite listeners to predict what else would make Ueda's tension go high. Nakamaru says that by the way, to him it would be Metal Gear's talks. Ueda claims this is HIS corner and that listening to this made his tension going down, because he doesn't play that game. He abandoned it immediately because it's too difficult. Nakamaru says he should not letting go. He summarizes the subjects Ueda is into in episodes about love between girls and boys at school and anime like Dragonball and games.

They talk about Kame starring on the third episode of Mr.BRAIN on the 6th of June.
Ueda says Kame seemed to be incredibly happy about it. He collected information the day before [don't understand why] and he kept saying it was all thanks to the fact he was acting with Kimura Takuya-kun. He went on speaking about how wonderful this was for 30 minutes. Nakamaru is surprised about it and asks Ueda if he listened the whole 30 minutes. Ueda confims. So please watch it to see what's it all about.
Next week and the following are special so the programme will last more.

Secret question

[this is going to be great girls]
Ueda says he “dasu” (which has a million meanings but let's use “take out”) this thing. He thought it would be not good if he didn't take it out. He doesn't get nervous about it. Basically scolding with words is importart. Standing in front of someone makes you wanna do it too. Nakamaru wants to know it if he's on the side of those rinsing it or lowering it. Ueda laughs and says “Lowering”. Nakamaru comments there are many who think the same. Ueda states he doesn't know but it depends on time and places. Nakamaru asks if he's the kind who divide the using of it. Ueda says he doesn't like to rise it. Nakamaru speaks an obscure[to me] metaphore about baseball rounds. Ueda says he understands.

translated from original japanese transcript at


personal notes: lol, how many people named 'tsubasa' do the two of them know? =x  and bokura no machi de seems random, haha. tatsuya fails at being an interesting child, from what i see.. i laughed so hard at the whole 'i'll tell you where i want to go' thing LOL. hilarious answers. xD and tatsuya, you just don't understand girls. duhh. it seems to me his mind is pretty 'single-tracked' hahaha. and somehow i think he fails much more at being a nice guy than kame..? =x  playing nds in the bath tub.. since he always has the money to buy a new one, he should try dropping it into the water to see what happens ne xD and he's such a nice guy to listen to kame for half an hour lol. ahem.. the secret question... hmm.. dogs?? ahh idk.. lol.

do let me know if there's anything wrong with the link ^^

if possible, do leave a comment if you've downloaded~ will like to know the demand for R-One KAT-TUN recordings so that i can try to be more efficient in uploading in future. ^^

ohh and if anyone's interested, koyama and massu talked a little on nakamaru during K-chan News yesterday. ^^ here's the link -> K-chan News 20090601

by the way, please forgive me if i don't update or reply comments as much from now on, cuz i'm getting kinda busy with my job and all lately. will try to post as much as i can though (:

*maru, junno and kazu-chan were guests at kanjani8's concert today, together with sho-kun. ^^ info from here.



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  • KAT-TUNのがつーん 20131014

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